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Charity   is   a   cornerstone   of   Freemasonry   and,   since   it   was   established   in   1717,   the   United Grand   Lodge   of   England   has   provided   help   to   individual   Freemasons   and   their   dependants who   were   in   need,   as   well   as   supporting   community-wide   charitable   activities.   Additionally, immediate   financial   aid   has   been   given   to   those   tragically   affected   by   emergencies   and disasters - The British Red Cross Tsunami and Earthquake Appeals are recent examples. During   the   last   25   years   alone,   more   than   £72   million   has   been   dedicated   to   charitable support   including   over   £30   million   donated   to   non-Masonic   charities   of   all   sizes   working   in England   and   Wales.   More   than   250   Hospice   services   have   been   helped   with   grants   of   nearly £6   million   and   LOROS   and   Rainbows   are   also   regularly   supported   by   local   Lodges   in   our Province. Freemasons particularly look to encourage: - Medical Research Care for the Elderly Opportunities for Young People Here,    in    Leicestershire    and    Rutland,    we    play    our    part    in    helping    members    and    their dependants   in   time   of   difficulty   and   we   positively   contribute   to   the   wider   community   to   which we   all   belong.   We   help   with   both   financial   aid   and   the   practical   involvement   of   Freemasons’ and   their   families,   many   of   who   have   ‘hands-on’   experience   of   helping   local   charities.   It   is   a source   of   pride   that   all   the   funds   which   we   raise   come   through   our   own   members   and   not from the general public. Our Annual   Provincial   Classic   Car   Run   is   an   example   of   local   Freemasons   in   action.   On   11th June   2007,   over   40   cars   were   “waved-off”   by   the   Lord-Lieutenant   of   Leicestershire,   Lady Stretton   and   Michael   Roalfe,   our   Provincial   Grand   Master,   and   enthusiastically   supported   by over    50    Scouts.   The    Run    ended    at    Rockingham    Castle    and    raised    over    £7000    for    the Leicestershire and Rutland Scouting Centenary Appeal. Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) The    RMBI    is    a    charity    dedicated    to    meeting    the    needs    of    older    Freemasons    and    their dependants   by   providing   residential   and   nursing   care   in   19   homes   throughout   the   country.   In Leicester   we   have   a   RMBI   Home   at   Oadby   known   as   Devonshire   Court   which   provides   for   a total    of    70    residents.    To    assist    the    RMBI    local    Freemasons    through    "The    Friends    of Devonshire   Court"      provide   extra   assistance   in   the   form   of   welfare   to   the   residents   and   fund raising   for   specific   projects   -   recently   a   wheel-chair   adapted   Multi   Purpose   Vehicle   was purchased.